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The One Way to Fight Depression Even If You’re Exhausted

Fight Depression and Exhaustion Video

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Fight Depression and Exhaustion Video Transcript:

Hey everybody! Today we are going to talk about the one way to fight depression even if you’re exhausted. So if this is your first time here do make sure that you hit the subscribe button below and the bell so you get notifications about future videos.

Hello Everybody. So what I wanted to talk about today is the one way to fight depression even if you’re exhausted because chances are, you guys, if you are in any sort of depressive state whatsoever you’re probably going to be tired and it’s hard to fight something whenever you’re exhausted and all you want to do is sleep.

So here are the stats you guys. 1 out of 7 people suffer from depression at some point in their lives. 1 out of 7. So if you’re sitting in a room with 20 people in there there’s at least two people, three if there’s 21, there’s at least 3 people that have suffered from depression and I would actually wager on more people than just that. My guess is they did some stats and those are the people that admitted it. But I would wager that the number is actually a lot higher than that. It’s just not something that we talk about you guys and it’s unfortunate we should be talking about it. More because unfortunately it goes so long with somebody not talking about it that sometimes catastrophic things happen and it’s because it wasn’t talked about in the first place.

So I’m gonna I’m gonna point out the elephant in the middle of the room. That’s what I do. I’m gonna make sure that we’re all taken care of. What we’re going to talk about today in specific is the one way to fight depression even if you’re exhausted. Right? So the one way to fight it is the i-word it’s my favorite word my favorite word to fight and that’s inflammation you guys.

So a lot of people don’t understand how one affects the other but you guys it has been directly related inflammation in our bodies over a chronic or over a period of time leads to depression ok. Like that the science is there the studies have been done right? So really let’s look at root cause. Let’s try to fix this epidemic from the root instead of through prescription medications.

There’s nothing wrong with prescriptions. I’m not I’m not saying stop taking your meds. I’m not saying that at all but what I am saying is and this is a quote the typical treatment antidepressants don’t work for everyone and sometimes they’re actually it’s I’m sorry my sound is up here and they’re actually creating more problems instead of helping people.

So they’re not working for people. Up to 70% of people that are on antidepressants it’s not actually working for them and the reason why is because the antidepressant is addressing one thing. Right, but that’s not where the depression is actually coming from. So when depression is coming from inflammation, an anti-inflammatory is actually what’s necessary in that case, right? Doesn’t that make sense?

So from a natural standpoint and that was quoted Psychology Today just so you guys know um… So from a from a natural standpoint, from a natural wellness standpoint which is where I’m always going to be coming from let’s address the root issue. Let’s address the
inflammation at its source. So what do we do in order to bring that inflammation down? So then we can have lives that we enjoy right?

So then we can actually feel good about our existence again and we can lose weight. We can reverse age really right and then also feel good and boost our mood, right? So the biggest way to do that is with your diet.

Now I am very… I don’t like any diet or way of eating that’s out there and I’ve looked at a lot of them and I think that a lot of us have looked at a lot of them. I’m not really a big fan of any of them because I think that all of them are lacking at least one thing. I think there’s something wrong… At least one thing wrong with every diet out there and when I say wrong that’s just for me.

Personally like something like the Mediterranean. Say the the Mediterranean style of eating. All of it is good except for it talks about eating grains and things like that. Well now we’re getting into gluten. We’re getting into two things that it at least it’s not explained well enough to say that that isn’t including gluten and stuff like that because a lot of people have natural allergies to gluten. Because it’s naturally or naturally allergic to something that isn’t natural, right? So that’s why I’m not a big fan of most diets out there okay?

So the way that I eat you guys is leafy greens. So your dark colored greens, your deep colored fruits, and vegetables. A lot of this is going to be Wahls Protocol but then
some of it isn’t either because eggs are not included in the walls protocol. But eggs in my opinion or like a and my husband actually is the one that said this they’re kind of perfect from a nutritional standpoint. Eggs agree with me, right? So if they don’t
agree with you well then yeah that’s not gonna be great.

But eggs, your lean proteins, your seafood right? Your poultry, your chicken, your turkey. If you’re gonna have red meat I would probably dial back on that. Maybe not have it every single day but that those sources of protein but then eggs have they bring the fat to the game the good fat to the game. Also the salmon and the fish that have those omega-3s. Where you’ve got that really good fat. That’s coming into your diet right?

Then whenever we’re talking about the fruits and vegetables deeply, deeply colored fruits and vegetables. Not the iceberg lettuce. I feel like everybody knows this already but I’m just gonna say it. Not the iceberg lettuce.

Then so far as fruits, your dark ones. Your blueberries. Your blackberries. Your strawberries. That sort of thing. You want to stay away from sort of the white meat of fruit. So like a banana with technically the meat of a banana or the actual fruit is pretty white. So that’s going to be very starchy and high on the glycemic index okay?

So if we’re trying to reduce inflammation what we’re doing is we’re trying to flood with micronutrients okay? Real food and micronutrients. So I don’t want to go through all of this right now if you guys want to you can go ahead and shoot me a message you can comment below or shoot me a message I have a list of five easy ways to reduce your inflammation.

Today right now okay? So I’ve made that for you guys just go ahead and comment, send me a message… Whatever you want to do but I’d love to be able to send that off to you.

There’s no opt-in required or anything like that. I’ll just send it to you. It’s on a Google Doc. I’ll send you the link. So that’s what I have for you today and you guys have a fantastic rescue day. Bye-bye.

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