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Norah Plays Pop The Pig!

pop the pig video,

Pop The Pig Kids Toy Video

As you may know, Norah get “good girl money” for being a good girl all week and doing her chores. How she spends the money is up to her. She usually buys toys with it.

In this video, Norah picks up Pop The Pig, a kids game.

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Pop The Pig Video Transcript:

Hey, everyone! We’re going to play Pop The Pig. Okay, we’re going to play Norah’s games Pop The Pig. If this is your first time to the channel, hit the subscribe button and hit that bell for notifications. Are you ready, Norah? Okay, everyone here we go.

Go ahead, Norah. Open up Pop The Pig. Okay, there he is. There’s the pig.

There he is!

Right? Okay.


Where’s the other– I’ll get all the burgers out here. Okay, he’s ready to go. We’re going to face the pig over here at the audience.


Wait, let me pump him up. Get him ready here, okay? Alright, okay the pig has been pre-popped. He’s ready to go. Okay, so if you are unfamiliar with Pop The Pig, this is how it works. You roll this little die. And then you have these hamburgers of different colors and when you land on the hamburger of color on the die, you put him in the mouth– the pig’s mouth, and then you press on his head. And the first person to have the pig pop his
little coat open, they win. Okay right, Norah?

Okay, yeah.

Okay, so one thing about this game is that we lost one of the burgers. We don’t know where it’s at. One of these days we’re going to find it right, Norah?


Right. One of these days. So we have this little troll. So, this troll is in place of the red hamburger that we lost. So, the way this works is we lost the hamburger that corresponds to four presses on the pig, okay? So, the first person to roll the wild card,
gets to go ahead and put the troll in his mouth and press four times. Okay, Norah. Are you ready?


We’re going to leave the pig right here. So, you go ahead. And you roll. Okay? Go ahead.
You go first because you’re youngest.


So put- pick one– of the burgers, remember how we play it? Pick one of the burgers.

Okay two.

So put it in his mouth. And then press twice. Okay, good job baby. Alright, I lose a turn.
You lose a turn.

Yep. Green.

Okay, pick a green. Okay, pick a green babe. Oh four green.


Do it.

One, two, three…

Good job, baby. Okay, my turn. Alright, green. Three green. Alright, one, two, three.
Alright, your turn, babe. No, no, you gotta roll first, babe. It’s right here.

Oh. Yellow. Whoop. Alright, there.

What is it? What is it? What number is it?


Good job. Alright, four presses.

One. Two. Three. Okay.

He’s getting big. Is he popped yet?

No he’s not popped.

He’s getting there though, isn’t he? Okay, red. Two. Okay, I do two. Alright, your turn baby.

Purple. What’s that?


Okay, go ahead. Put it in. Was it two? Good job. That was two yeah.

It was two.

You got it, you’re good. Alright, green. Two. Two green. Here I go.

Can I go?



Okay, you go. Your turn, baby.


What’s that? Okay, put them in. Feed the pig.


Good job. Okay, my turn. Green, okay no more greens.Go ahead.

I’ll be right back.

Oh, ok.

Go ahead. Keep it on the table here miss. On the table. Okay, go ahead. Lose a turn. Daddy’s turn. Green. Lose a turn. No more greens. Go ahead.

Yellow. Okay.


Okay. One.

Good job, baby. You think he’s going to pop soon?

Yeah, I think he’s going to pop.

I lost a turn, I’m not doing very well.

But you can. But you can.

Oh daddy got the wild card so we put the troll. We got to feed the pig the troll. Look here he is, you ready?

I want to feed him.

You want to do it?


Okay, you can do it, baby. You can do my presses too. You’ve been such a good girl. Okay, spin him back around.

I just popped.

You got three more pops.

I just popped the troll down there, so.

You got three more presses. One more.


He’s not popped yet. Okay, your turn. That was my turn. Purple.


What’s that? Okay, go ahead baby. Is he going to pop? Go ahead. Alright, baby. Don’t run off yet. Oh it fell off the table. Re-roll. I get a re-roll. Okay. I lose a turn. Your turn babe.

I’m down here because I don’t want to see him pop. Yellow. What’s that? Okay. Go ahead.

One. Two.

Oh my goodness. He’s almost popped. I can’t believe he hasn’t popped yet. Okay, yellow. No all the yellows are gone. Your turn. Oh you get any color you want. What is that?


Okay go ahead, baby. Okay, man I can’t believe he hasn’t popped.Yeah we only– I lost a turn. Your turn. One. two, three. Yeah, we only have three burgers. Oh you lost a turn too. Are we ever going to take another turn?


Red. One red. Is he going to pop? I think he’s going to pop. Ahhh HE POPPED, BABY! Look at, hey. Norah, look. He popped. Look. Look he popped. Look, Norah. The pig popped. Daddy won this time. Well, do you want to say bye to everyone,
baby? Say bye.


Thanks for watching us play Pop The Pig. Bye-bye.

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