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I’ve LOST 12 POUNDS! | NingXia Cleanse Day 11

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NingXia Red Cleanse Day 11 Video

In this video, Martha documents day 11 of her NingXia Red juice fast. During this period she is consuming NingXia Red, Nitro, and ZYNG (from Young Living) as her main source of nutrition.

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NingXia Red Fast Day 11 Video Transcript:

Hello everybody! Some people are calling me nuts. I am going on a NingXia cleanse. Let’s see what happens.

Hey, hey! We are on day 11 of NingXia juicing. If this is your first time here make sure that you hit the subscribe button below also hit that Bell so you get notifications.

All right now let’s get into it so day eleven. Down twelve pounds 12 pounds in eleven days you guys and this is not like crash dieting. Crash dieting in my opinion is where you
start losing weight. You stop taking in nutrients so you can lose weight and that is not sustainable on any level, right? This is the opposite of that.

This is flooding my body with nutrients and then it doesn’t need as much of sort of this Franken-food that people have. Anyway so like the fake hamburgers the fake food that’s out
They’re like you don’t want McDonald’s and you know it’s not real food guys.

Anyway, so down 12 pounds on something that’s totally sustainable, doesn’t suck. So something that I do want to address for anybody that is also doing any sort of juicing, or like what I’m doing is juicing and supplementing it with some clean protein like that’s that’s how I’m doing it right because I still have a pretty heavy workout schedule.

So what we need to talk about is mindset, okay? We need to talk about how the weight so the weight comes off really fast at first, with anything right because it’s water weight.
So it comes off really fast at first and then it slows down, okay? So in our society of instant gratification whenever you have weight loss slowed down or even stall for a couple of days, right? Most humans are going to be like, oh this isn’t working anymore. I’m just
going to do something else. Right?

Stay the course you guys. Stay the course because whenever your weight stalls out like that –like for me I’m not even gonna I’ll talk about lady stuff it’s my time of the month right– so my weight stalled out for a couple of days this weekend where I didn’t see any weight gain. I didn’t see any weight loss it just stalled out for a couple of days but what didn’t happen, think of the things that didn’t happen. It’s that time of the month. I didn’t gain the the +5 pounds that usually happens for me in water weight. So I didn’t gain five pounds I just stalled out on my weight loss.

That is a win right? So we need to put things in perspective. We need to not feel bad when we don’t lose weight. Every single day. Okay? Because, you guys, the goal isn’t losing all the weight possible. The goal is getting into a healthy state with your body and also keep in mind that your body does not live on 24-hour days, right?

So while we wake every morning at the same time we’re gonna weigh ourselves or whatever and however often you do it. I’m not saying to weigh yourself every day. I do because I don’t really have a problem with it but not saying to do that, okay because some people do have problems with it.

So whenever you weigh yourself every day like I do anyway, if you don’t lose weight every day your body doesn’t necessarily understand it’s a next day. Like it’s just it’s, it’s letting go and it’s releasing the weight as it’s supposed to. Our job is to make sure that
we’re giving it the nutrients that we’re flooding it with the nutrients. That’s our job, is to keep it healthy. It is going to do what it needs to do, okay?

So those toxins will be released. Make sure you drink enough water too, so those toxins
will be released. All of the extra is going to melt off but whenever you slow down for a couple of days don’t, sweat it guys. Don’t sweat it. Everybody goes through it, okay? Don’t think that everybody loses weight like a pound a day or whatever don’t and then you feel bad when you don’t. Don’t worry about it.

Even if you pick up a pound or something don’t sweat it. Stay the course. You’re doing the right stuff, right? As long as you’re giving your body the nutrients that it needs
okay, if you want to add in veggies, add in all the veggies you want. Right? I add
in clean protein. I did what you feel like you want to add in.

What I’m saying is a life without NingXia is not a life I want to be living. I’m saying that a life without NingXia is a life with a lot less antioxidants in your body which then leads, to if you don’t have the antioxidants you’re gonna have inflammation, right? Like that’s it’s, it’s a thing, right? So we need to just need to be flushing our body and
flooding it completely with nutrition, and with antioxidants, and with the good
stuff. Okay?

The bad stuff will go. It will go because your body knows what to do. It’s just it’s been given crap for so long that your systems are reconfiguring,okay? They’re figuring out like, oh I’m doing what I’m supposed to do now, right? So let’s let it do what it’s supposed to do. Let’s chill. Let your body do its thing.

I am feeling awesome so the check in on my day 11. I have a ton of energy. I mean you see it. I have a ton of focus. My, you know, I don’t have brain fog. I’m still doing awesome. Like the first day and again we are 11 days into it.

So basically what I’m going to do for the long haul, we’re going to keep documenting this but we’re now in the long game, right? So we’re past 10 days. So we’re now in the long game because I’m not gonna stop doing this. What I’m going to do is I’m going to be introducing more and more food back into my diet. You know, we’re probably looking at 30 days at that point but whenever I get to the place where I can tell all of my extra has come off, right? I know I know where that is with my body. I know where that is. We all know where that is with our with our different bodies.

So whenever I get there, that’s when I’m going to reintroduce more and more food into my diet but it’s going to be veggies. It’s going to be organic right? Certified organic non-gmo veggies, because you don’t want to introduce pesticide and Monsanto stuff back into your diet. That is where you get into leaky gut problems in the first place. That’s another video you guys.

So that is day 11. Like I said, we’re going to be documenting it still. We’re gonna do
maybe every day, maybe every other day. Again we’re in the long game now, okay? So we’re gonna continue documenting it for you, but it may not be every day. So don’t be upset if it’s not every day.

We will still be giving you killer content though, that I can guarantee. So I will see you guys. If you like this video please subscribe to our Channel and hit the bell for notifications.

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