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I’m Down 14 POUNDS! | NingXia Cleanse Day 14

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NingXia Red Juice Fast Day 14 Video

As most of you may know, Martha is on a NingXia Cleanse. During this period she is consuming NingXia Red, NingXia Nitro, And NingXia ZYNG from Young Living as her main source of nutrition.

Here’s Day 14 of her journey. (Subscribe to The Oily Gang YouTube Channel for more)

NingXia Red Video Transcript:

Hello everybody. Some people are calling me nuts. I am going on an Ningxia cleanse. Let’s see what happens.

Hello. So now we are at day 14 of the Ningxia juice cleanse, okay? So now it’s becoming a way of life. We’re no longer just doing the, I’m going to drink a bunch of juice and add eggs. I’m still doing that but now is it the time where you can, you know cut back a
little bit on the juice and add some more food if you want to.

I’m still eating eggs. I had sweet potatoes today and some Brussel sprouts. That’s what I had for my lunch today and then NingXia Red. Right?

So down 14 pounds. So day 14 down 14 pounds, okay? So I know a lot of people have had the question of how do you start this okay? My suggestion is to get the Ningxia starter kit you can go to and sign up for the NingXia starter kit

Okay, whenever you’re going through the process you choose the second tab in you’ll see the NingXia starter kit. It retails for like 320 bucks. You’ll get it for 170 okay? So that is, that’s how you start okay?

The first five days I drink 10 ounces a day and then I cut back to about 4 to 6 ounces and then you can supplement with a clean protein, carbs, things like that. Then what you do is you start to reintroduce other food in. Things like that.

I am still feeling awesome. I want to tell you guys that I am still killing it at the workouts. It’s amazing you guys. The brain function, everything is there. I am NOT lacking for a thing but I wanted to give you now that we’re getting into the long term of the actual cleanse, reboot, whatever we want to call it, now I want to start giving you NingXia fun facts ok?

So I was watching a training on NingXia the other day and the stat that they cited you
guys, it’s gonna blow your mind. The stat that they cited was of the cancer centers all
over the world that serve NingXia to their patients seventy-five percent show regression in their cancer. seventy-five percent you guys. The reason for that is because it’s creating an environment in your body that is not conducive to cancer. That cancer can’t thrive in.

So instead of like attacking the cancer you’re really bringing your body up to a state of wellness. That cancer just can’t survive it. It has a harder time surviving in okay? So that’s what we’re doing is bringing our body up to wellness okay?

So this isn’t just about weight loss by any means okay this is about a healthy life. This is about us actually taking control of our lives.

So I will see you in the next checkup. If you like this video please subscribe to our channel and hit the bell for notifications.

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