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How to Start A Young Living Business

how to start a young living business,

Let’s keep this short and sweet.

The question you probably have is “why would this part time opportunity work for me when nothing else ever has?”

Three things. Products that work. leadership that inspires+ educates…..AND the crazy money they pay us…like really…they pay us way too much.

Watch the Video HERE!

Let’s break down these three points super quick:
Products that work. Ningxia is what my team leads with.

Why? Because testimonials show people losing weight, getting insane amounts of energy and bringing their body back into a general state of wellness.

What’s the BEST thing about Ningxia from a business perspective? You can ONLY get it here.

It’s probably the best wellness product on the planet, and you can only get it here.

That’s not bad for business.

The second reason this part time business will work for you when nothing else ever has is the leadership on my team.

I’m a social media and marketing expert

My biggest strength is strategy

I teach my team how to sell without annoying people.

You will never say, please buy my stuff!

People will come to you asking about your stuff…then they’ll buy it because they want it.

You won’t feel gross.

You will feel empowered + successful and proud to be helping people in such a massive way

AND I also help my people build out their teams by adding members for them as they sign up through me…bonus.

So that’s just me, I have a leader above me who is the nuts and bolts science y nerd…

She will help you understand why things work so you can feel as educated as possible.

Basically, you don’t need to know a thing at all coming into this business.

We are both accessible resources for you. (I literally check in with my team every day)

So now, let’s talk money, k?

In my very first month, I brought home $1,100 working very part time…about 5 hours a week…

That was just me starting to get my footing in how this business works….

Here is what is possible for you…

There is a distributor in our company that within a year, was making $23,354.13/ mo…and that’s only spending $100/mo on product to be able to cash checks….

And the fun part?

We’re already growing faster than she did…we’re actually blowing her out of the water.

All of this, you guys…is possible.

Just imagine…

A year from now, your bills are paid off, making you completely debt-free…

You have quit your day job, or have allowed your partner to quit theirs….or shoot…both!

You can take the kids on vacation any time you want…

No more waiting to save up money…

No more asking for time off…

Just total freedom.

Freedom to buy the home of your dreams….

Freedom to start that business you always wanted to…with no pressure to succeed right away, because you already have income…

Freedom to home school if that’s your thing…

Freedom to travel all over the world at the drop of a hat…

Freedom to say yes to whatever you want…

Freedom to serve in new and exciting ways every single day…

Freedom to dream…and know those dreams are really possible…

Freedom to live the life you deserve.

And show your kids how to do it as well…that’s actually my favorite part…

I’m doing it…and I’ll do it with or without you, but it would be so much cooler if it were with you 🙂

If you are excited about this life that could be yours, feel free to reach out to me on my website,

By the way, I check each and every message personally.

Now, if you’re making an appointment, keep in mind, it will probably be a 2-3 week waiting period as that is how far out my calendar is currently booked for, so if you KNOW that you’re ready, just go to

Order your premium starter kit (I suggest the Ningxia one) and let’s get going!

I’ll reach out to you within 24 hours of you signing up.

Let’s do this!

Life can be really, really good, you guys!

Now, it’s just up to you…will you take that last chance on yourself…
You’ll never have to take another one.

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