Hi, we are Martha + Norah or (Mommy + Baby)

Hi! I’m MARTHA. Thanks for stopping by.

This Is Our Story

This little girl came into our lives as a result of healthy living.

There was one before her that didn’t make it, and I’m positive that was because I was not treating my body well.

I was treating it as though it owed me something. Like it owed me life.

Don’t get me wrong, our bodies are AMAZING, and can really bounce back well when we support our systems properly.

BUT, we can’t keep feeding and exposing it to toxins without giving it real nutrition, and still expect it to be up to snuff.

It will decay.

It will not work as well.

In turn, we won’t feel great, and lose our energy reserves.

The awesome part is this!

Norah and I have come across holistic and natural ways to flourish!

Ways that make our bodies SING!

You’ll never understand how good you can really feel until you’ve tried some of the things on our blog.

Let me just ask this.

What would your life be like if you weren’t in pain?

What would your life be like if you had energy to not only get through the day, but be excited about it?

What would be different?

Now, let’s DO THIS!